Who Can Benefit from NEMT Services?

Non-emergency medical transportation is a service that provides convenient transportation solutions to individuals who are unable to use conventional forms of transportation for one reason or another. For many of these people, simple trips such as going to the pharmacy or making it to a medical appointment can be an exhausting ordeal. This is where … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Getting from your home to your medical appointments and back should be comfortable, convenient, and easy. However, when your circumstances and health condition inhibit your ability to get yourself to your pharmacist, therapy appointment, doctor’s office, or some other medical appointment, our non-emergency medical transportation in Grandview, Missouri may be the solution that you need. … Continue reading

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Choosing NEMT over Conventional Transportation Services

When you are looking for a transportation provider that can get you where you need to be, you have several options to consider. You can use your own transportation or have a friend or a family member give you a ride; you could use public transportation, hire a taxi, or can consider non-emergency medical transportation … Continue reading

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Answers About How Hemodialysis Works

A lot of questions arise regarding the pros and cons of hemodialysis during old age, is it really that effective for the fragile body of the elderly? Hemodialysis is the process wherein a machine operated treatment takes over the functions of the kidney when it stops working or it is no longer effectively doing its … Continue reading

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6 Activities Worth-Doing for Car Passengers While on the Road

Distance. Traffic. Malfunctioning vehicle. These are 3 possible reasons why getting to your appointments use up a big chunk of your time. Does it take a while to get to your doctor’s clinic straight from home? You can make your ride free of boredom! Here are 6 activities worth-doing for passengers like you while on … Continue reading

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Wheelchair Transportation: Making Life More Convenient

Being in a wheelchair is by no means a limitation on life but it does present some unique challenges, especially with transportation. Using conventional transportation like a taxi cab or the bus may not be a viable option in many situations. However, Life Living Transportation LLC offers a solution through our convenient non-emergency medical transportation … Continue reading

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5 Dental Care Tips to Remember for Your Senior Loved Ones

Good dental health is definitely important for people, no matter the age. However, as people age, dental health typically declines due to age-related factors and changes in the body. As a result, dental problems may occur. Dental care should still be a top priority for your senior loved ones. Visiting the dentist regularly will surely … Continue reading

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Getting to Your Appointments with Ease

One of the challenging things about having a disability or being a senior citizen is getting to medical appointments. The reason for this is you may not have access to easy transportation options. Life Living Transportation LLC offers easy and reliable transportation services in Missouri. Through transportation assistance, we aim to make life easier for … Continue reading

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Transporting Comatose Patients

Often known as the “vegetative state,” comatose is a condition where one becomes deeply unconscious and unresponsive. Usually, this is caused by critical head injuries that affect the ability of the brain to send signals to the other parts of the body. Though horrific, the status is curable. But the longer a patient stays comatose, … Continue reading

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Specialized Transportation for Individuals in Wheelchairs

Getting around town can be a challenge in a wheelchair because you might not be able to use conventional forms of transportation. Life Living Transportation LLC offers the transportation services in Missouri that you need! We are committed to helping you live a more convenient and independent life, despite being bound to your wheelchair. Just … Continue reading

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